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Fantastic creatures in ads

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Cinema is not the only realm where fantastic tales unfold. Be it chilling horrors or mythical entities, the ad world too has a knack for leveraging these elements. To etch a lasting imprint, adding creatures can either accentuate a product's strengths, underline its limitations, or simply deliver a powerful visual punch.

Here are six adverts, both from yesteryears and contemporary times, that have used CGI and VFX to incorporate fantasy entities, presenting a narrative with a distinctive twist. As you know, the realm of creature creation is vast; should you wish to infuse one into your campaigns, we're here to breathe some life into it!

Haynes Baked Beans – not for astronauts

This advert is from a few years ago already. Deviating from the expected, it portrays astronauts triumphant in their moon landing, only to be haunted by an alien monster. One astronaut narrowly evades the threat, but only momentarily. While this is essentially a fictitious advertisement for a bean product, it holds a place on our list because it was created as a promotional piece for Cinesite, the CGI company responsible for its production. After all, isn't promotion itself a form of advertising? Given the success it had, maybe a brand should think about doing something like this.

Chek out the behind-the-scenes!

Burberry - Night creatures

Last year, the luxury brand made an ad that became iconic, where aerial dancers glided above wheat fields. This year, Burverry unfurled a sequel. While the central theme remains unaltered, the fresh twist debuted what seems to be a technologically advanced alien, that dances with the humans. It wouldn’t be amiss to suggest that the creature's design took cues from the extraterrestrials in "War of the Worlds."

Volkswagen Electrifying Movies: Monster Escape

"Don’t’ worry, she can’t escape the electric fence”, says the guardian of the park, only for another to disable said barrier to charge his car. Drawing inspiration from Jurassic Park, Volkswagen cleverly meshes its endorsement for ITV—a British TV network—to showcase its electric vehicle in a whimsical, fantastical setting, all while maintaining a humorous undertone.

Canal Kitchen

In an ad promoting TV channels, it's only fitting to use and explore the myriad universes they span! Ranging from dinosaurs and sports to animated characters, this advert underscores the vast bouquet of entertainment options available, akin to a chef parading his culinary masterpieces.

T-shirts Taking Flight? Absolutely.

IKEA reaffirms its creative audacity, rolling out campaigns of varied moods to tout its offerings—each echoing the brand's commitment to space efficiency and storage solutions. In this particular narrative, the spotlight isn't on... let's say known fabled creatures. It's on T-shirts. Yes, you read that correctly. Tees that migrate, just like birds would.

Mikado. So, who's the clever one?

In this ad, a reimagined Godzilla induces chaos. However, the giant reptile meets its match, facing electrocution when it emulates a young woman savoring a Mikado. This straightforward yet impactful concept astutely accentuates the brand's catchphrase.

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