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Top 6 Halloween ads

As summer reaches its zenith, the countdown to the eeriest, most bewitching night of the year begins! And, we must confess, it is our favorite season. So, of course, we are getting ready for it, because with just 100 days left until Halloween, it’s the perfect moment to start preparing some creative ideas to unleash the most innovative, spine-chilling and impactful videos for social media or TV.

Drawing inspiration from various sources – from classical movies and legendary monsters to horror tropes – Halloween is a fun and different playground for businesses. Whether it’s about shoes, food, architecture or toilet paper, it’s the perfect moment to sell a product with a (bloody) twist.

Not sure how you can use it? Here are our top 6 Halloween ads that show how you can subvert the horror themes to your advantage in a playful, but scary way:

Burger King #nevertrustaclown: As always, Burger King never misses an opportunity to showcase its creativity, particularly when it comes to mocking its longtime rival, McDonald's. In this ad, they not only utilize McDonald's mascot, Ronald, but also tap into a common fear—sometimes even a phobia—the fear of clowns. Because, let’s be real… who doesn't find clowns creepy?

IKEA – The Shining: We've all wandered through the long hallways of Ikea, with its meticulously designed spaces showcasing a plethora of products. These corridors, when empty, evoke an eerie vibe, that now that we think about has similarities with the 'backrooms’, don’t you think? Anyway, in this case, the multinational drew inspiration from the beloved horror classic, The Shining, recreating the notorious corridor scene where young Danny rides around on his tricycle, ultimately coming face to face with the ghostly twins.

Bacardi – The Zombie: Here's another captivating approach to Halloween season marketing. It's straightforward, poignant and effective. Bacardi crafted a seasonal special, a cocktail named 'The Zombie'. To introduce this concoction to their clientele, they probably drew inspiration from the opening credits of American Horror Story. Embracing a chilling VHS aesthetic and eerie audio, they reveal the various ingredients needed to whip up your choice of cocktail for the season

Dior – The beauty of a dark dream: Halloween isn't just for the ghouls and goblins; it's also a time for luxury brands. With a video shared on their Instagram account, Dior showcased their make-up products with a different approach: a tip of the hat to the 1920’s German expressionism from iconic films like Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Through stark shapes, reminiscent of brutalist architecture, dramatic shadows, lighting and make-up, they recreated a spooky atmosphere without straying from their innate elegance and sophistication.

Dirt Devil - The Exorcist: Now, if you're a bit more daring and want to try something more shocking, this ad is for you! This advertisement, which plays out like a short film, recreates the exceedingly creepy vibe of one of the most frightening movies of its time: The Exorcist. With screams, eerie violins, a priest and an apparent possession, this ad uses dark humor to sell... well, vacuum cleaners. Definitely worth watching!

Tempations – Tasty humans: this short ad plays off the age-old association of cats with the underworld, witchcraft and, by extension, Halloween. A cat owner, afraid of what his pet could do to hm during the night, invites viewers to stay safe by treating their felines to the special edition "human-flavored" treats. It's a fun, highly effective concept that perfectly fits the season.

Bonus entry! BMW – don’t be afraid: Although this is not a Halloween ad per se, it is another example of how you can use horror tropes for your different messages. In this case, BMW was testing their autonomous driving cars, which seem scary, even for the spirit it encounters in the woods.

These successful campaigns showcase how creativity can be unleashed when Halloween meets marketing. But this doesn't mean you have to do it all on your own. As true aficionados of horror movies and its tropes, we thrive on the art of crafting videos that perfectly capture the chilling vibe of the season (check out our spooky reel!). After all, the most haunting day of the year is fast approaching, so now is the perfect moment to brainstorm some ideas.

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