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Popcorn & Chills: Our 2023 Horror movie selection

As the nights stretch out and leaves take on a reddish hue, it becomes the ideal moment to curl up under a blanket and delve into some spine-chilling tales. But which horror movie to see this week?

Here's a small selection of films and series we recommend for you; some with terrifying stories, others supernatural, sometimes featuring creatures or are shrouded in dark mysteries. Time to pop some corn and dim the lights for our 2023 picks.

The Fall of the House of Usher - Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan, the director behind hits like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass (our personal favorite!), returns this October with an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's famed story, The Fall of The House of Usher. True to his style, Flanagan toys with horror conventions and dives deep into real terror: human nature and, in this instance, the lengths we go for money. Familiar faces from the Flanaverse deliver stellar performances, as always. If you're a fan of his style and crave more than just jump scares and gore, this series is a must-watch.

No one will save you – Brian Duffield

Loved by some, loathed by others, this film ends in a way you won't forget. No one will save you follows a young woman, Brynn, fighting to survive an alien onslaught. "Been there, done that", you might think. However, the director throws a curveball, delivering a roughly 90-minute film... without dialogue! The few words spoken are chosen with utmost care, prioritizing a wholly visual narrative and highlighting Kaitlyn Dever's impressive performance. While not outright scary, there are disturbing scenes, and the alien race introduced is both fascinating and curious.

Talk to me - Danny and Michael Philippou

The Philippou brothers, previously recognized mainly for their YouTube channel RackaRacka, have made a stellar debut with Talk to me, which, according to IMDB, is "on track to become the best horror film of the year". Shot in Australia, it was featured at Sundance, where it caught A24's attention. Transitioning from YouTube likes to film festivals, the brothers captivate with a refreshing, modern take on possession. Mobile phones, trends, challenges – they've included it all. With Mia as the protagonist, evoking memories of Euphoria's Rue, this thriller is as unpredictable as it is spine-chilling. Don't miss it this Halloween!

Evil dead rising - Lee Cronin

In today's world, franchise films are inevitable. Evil dead Rise is no exception, marking the fifth installment of The Evil Dead. The narrative unfolds around two sisters thrust into a nightmare as one becomes demon-possessed. While retaining the charm and iconic elements from the original movies (like the chainsaw), this version leans towards a graver, even more unsettling tone. Special shoutout to the lead actress and the remarkable makeup team for bringing to life a genuinely disturbing character. We also admired the polished visuals and meticulous cinematography.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger - Jang Jae-hyun

For fans intrigued by Asian horror cinema, Jang Jae-hyun's Svaha: The Sixth Finger is wroth your while. Beyond the typical scares, the movie delves into the complexities of religion, cults and deep-rooted Korean superstitions. It showcases Squid Game's lead actor, Lee Jung-jae, further proving his outstanding versatility. Jae-hyun, with his signature visual flair, weaves together the supernatural and spiritual, prompting reflections on faith.

Malignant – James Wan

Even though James Wan released The Nun II this october, we've chosen to spotlight Malignant. Despite mixed reviews and a lackluster box office, its boldness stands out. Wan offers a fresh horror perspective with a unique pace, story and concept that should be more talked about. His ability to challenge genre expectations further cements his undisputed talent in horror cinema.

American Horror Story – Double Feature

The American Horror Story franchise continues to surprise and innovate. While the latest season, Delicate, is currently running, we recommend checking out Double Feature. This season, split into two distinct parts, touches upon the Roswell alien conspiracy and a covert government agreement. Presented in black and white, with its always refined aesthetics, the first segment delves into a rarely discussed conspiracy theory. The latter segment uses vampires as a mere backdrop. The true horror revolves around creativity and the extents we'd go to be the best... Something that spoke to us, like on a personal level.

Incantation - Kevin Ko

Last on our list, Incantation is a Chinese film that navigates between folklore and the supernatural. Right from the start, you're thrust into a ritual; participation isn't optional. Using the found-footage format, the story unfolds around a young woman returning to her hometown, only to discover an ancient curse possibly responsible for her family's misfortunes. Blending unease with mysticism, the film toys with appearances and blurs the line between reality and myth.

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