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Brands that dared to use AI

Whether it's for laughs, to prove that we're not yet (completely) outdated, or to integrate it into a workflow to produce a unique audiovisual piece, here are some advertisements made with the help of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

But before we go on, what exactly is generative artificial intelligence? Well, it's "a branch of AI that aims to create models capable of generating original and realistic content, such as images, texts, music, videos, etc.", explains ChatGPT.

Now that we've clarified that, let's get back to our examples:

Coca-cola – Masterpiece

This is perhaps the most well-known advertisement to date that uses AI. With this ad, Coca-Cola made a big impact. It is ambitious and gives prominence to art, including special effects, while also incorporating AI into the process. The ad was produced by Electric Theatre.

For the curious minds, here is the behind the scenes detailing the various steps required to reach the final product.

Salesforce – Ask more of AI

Featuring actor Matthew McConaughey, The Mill employs generative AI to create a series of short but impactful ads. "The outcomes it [AI] produces are truly groundbreaking, presenting looks that have never been seen before. The Mill is excited to be on the forefront of the increasing utilization of AI in visual effects, as it opens new avenues for creative expression", they state on their website.

Heinz A.I. Ketchup

The ketchup brand wasted no time. As soon as generative AI was introduced, they jumped on the opportunity to create an entertaining video, stating that even AI knows that the real Ketchup is Heinz. By generating a series of images with Dall-E, the brand shows that using just the one word "ketchup", the tool always displays a bottle with a sticker resembling the brand's.

Becherelle – posters

Even though it's not a video, this advertisement deserves a spot on this list for its sheer ingenuity by the team behind the idea, Brain sonic. The concept is simple: given that AI uses prompts (texts that describe the desired image), one must know how to spell correctly. And what better than a Becherelle to avoid senseless images, albeit quite hilarious ones!

© Brain Sonic

Fake beer ad

AI has a way of adding strangeness to our lives... So, to round off this list, here's one of the fake ads that caused quiet a stir on the web. But the question remains... how can one apply it to their own brand? Produced by Private Island.

In conclusion, the creativity and ingenuity of individuals remain paramount in the ad-making or content creation process for brands. However, instead of going against the current, why not think outside the box and embrace AI?

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