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Crafting Myths into Motion

Dive into our vault of ideas—a curated collection of untold stories, ready for lights, camera and action, yet missing one key element: a producer to fuel their journey from script to screen! Curious? Send us a probe!

Available films for production


Live-action & Animation: Films | Short films | Ads | Music videos | Game Cinematics

We are Iwanoff & Barrera, your genre dealers. We craft myths into motion, igniting your inner child with wonder, fear or thrill. Always on the move, we embody the "camera on your shoulder" team. We like to get dirty. Try new things. Live Action or CGI we’re up to the challenge.

We specialize in weaving the fantastical, extraordinary and bizarre into every narrative.

Directing duo

VFX Supervision & Advice | Virtual Production | 3D animation | Digital Humans | Product visualization | Chroma key | Motion Capture | Motion Graphics | Visual effects | Game Cinematics

Whether it's a minor change in a single shot or a final battle in Mordor, our team of VFX and 3D artists is always ready to help you create the illusion needed for your film. 

Pimp your video!

Real-Life shooting | Animation | Pre to Post-Production | Virtual Production | Technical Consultancy | Creative Collaboration

From concept to final cut, we guide your project through every creative phase, ensuring a seamless production journey.


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Orbitae are expert film and video directors, with advanced 3D animation and VFX techniques

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