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"Beyond" features an avatar promoting the metaverse as a perfect world where every wish can be granted. This satirical animated micro-short is thought-provoking and uses biblical references to highlight the idea that big corporations evangelize people. They are perceived as modern-day religions, enticing people to join their digital utopia. Additionally, the film exposes the dangers of blindly following these corporations as a form of escapism.

World created in Unreal Engine 5.



Orbitae Films

Awards & Nominations

Directed by: Iwanoff & Barrera
Idea by: Jhonathan Barrera
Script by: Alex Iwanoff
Character and set design: Jhonathan Barrera
Produced by: Orbitae Films
Original scoring: Iwanoff & Barrera
Editing: Alex Iwanoff & Jhonathan Barrera
Sounds: Epidemic Sounds

Copyright (C) 2022 Orbitae.


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Original soundtrack

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