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"Not dead yet" is a music video that brings together the gritty neo-noir aesthetic of Sin City and the sleek musical style of James Bond. The video follows the story of a complicated romance between a mysterious femme fatale and a troubled detective.

​The bar and alley were created in-house with Unreal Engine 4.

Listen to the song on Spotify.

Not Dead Yet


Orbitae Films

Awards & Nominations

Directed by: Iwanoff & Barrera
Script by: Alex Iwanoff
DOP: Jhonathan Barrera
Art Direction: Alex Iwanoff
VFX and post-production supervisor: Jhonathan Barrera
Music by: Another Projekt
Produced by: Orbitae Fillms
Mastered by: Luc Tellier 3D
Render: Unreal Engine 4
Sound FX: Epidemic Sounds
Based on: Bond Movies and a lot of Sin City

Copyright (C) 2022 Orbitae.


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