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A child's birthday party at a Swiss chalet unveils a sinister alliance between earthly creatures and otherwordly forces, conspiring in innocence to reclaim Earth.

La Piñata


Orbitae Films & Crash Matt

Directed by: Iwanoff & Barrera
Stunt mom: Audrey Waldo
Mika: Elsa Huber
Dad (voice): Gregory Huber
Stunt coordinator / Rigger: Mathieu Jaquet
Script by: Alex Iwanoff
DOP: Jhonathan Barrera
Production design: Alex Iwanoff
VFX: Jhonathan Barrera
Production: & Matt Crash
Sound design:
Music: Epidemic Sounds - Luella Gren

Copyright (c) Orbitae Sàrl 2023


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Bande originale

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