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Watch the latest film directed by David Nguyen, for which we handled all the VFX and CGI.

  • On set VFX supervision

  • VFX look development for the ghost (apparition, explosion)

  • 3D flying objects and animation

  • Building's exterior destruction

  • Compositing

  • Motion graphics

  • Rotoscopy / clean-up

Watch the final video here.



Blum Sieber Architectes SA

Client: Blum Sieber Architectes
Production: Space Ninjas
Directed by: David Nguyen
DOP: Safran Lecuivre
Production design: Myriam Meyer, Océane Forsinetti
VFX supervisor and compositing lead: Jhonathan Barrera
3D artist and compositing: Cristian Adugelo
Clean-up artist: Théo Donatantonio
AI artist: Alex Iwanoff
Makeup: Beardead Fox, Laura Pozzi, Léonard Morzier


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