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"Final Girl" takes you on a nostalgic journey through the 80's aesthetic, with a heavy influence from the slasher films of that era. The lyrics of the song explores the perspective of the "final girl" - the lone survivor of a serial killer's rampage - in a conceptually stylized way. With a nod to the gore and violence of the classic slasher films, the music video takes you on a thrilling journey as our protagonists fight to survive.

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Final Girl


Orbitae Films

Awards & Nominations

Script by: Alex Iwanoff
Directed by: Iwanoff & Barrera
DOP: Jhonathan Barrera
Editing: Alex Iwanoff
Art Direction: Alex Iwanoff
Produced by: Orbitae Films
Music by: Another Projekt
Produced by: Orbitae Films
Mastered by: Luc Tellier
3D Render: Unreal Engine 5

Copyright (C) 2021 Orbitae Sàrl


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